Unite for Rights, Dignity and a Just Society

Unite for Rights, Dignity and a Just Society:

Expose and Fight Imperialism and Fascism in Germany!

Solidarity Message to The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees
and Migrants and The Voice Refugee Forum

in the event of the Refugee Tribunal Against Germany

13 June 2013

The International Migrants’ Alliance, the global alliance of migrants, refugees and displaced peoples, salutes and extends our strongest and warmest solidarity to The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, The Voice Refugee Forum and all organizers, members and participants of The Refugee Tribunal Against Germany.

The Refugee Tribunal is a fitting event in your further exposition of and opposition to the continuing and intensifying state-instigated attacks on the rights, lives and dignity of refugees and migrants in Germany.

We have heard and learned of the great sufferings and hardships that many of you experience in the hands of the German imperialism who continues to breed racism, social exclusion and bigotry via legislation of anti-refugee policies and oppressive laws. From the testimony made by Rex Osa representing The Caravan in the International Migrants’ Tribunal on the Global Forum on Migration and Development in the Philippines last November 2013, we have not only witnessed and felt this grave situation but also your continuing, intensifying struggle.

Zeugnis von Rex Osa auf dem Tribunal der MigrantInnen gegen GFMD
28. bis 29. November 2012, in Quezon City, Philippinen

Indeed, where there is repression, there is resistance.

German imperialism can only do so much with its fascist attacks and toleration of atrocities against refugees and migrants in Germany. Refugees and migrants are rising in number and organizing themselves, yourselves, to battle these abuses and exploitation.

We do not expect German imperialism to slow down in its exploitation and fascism on refugees and migrants as it continues to hurt from the global economic crisis that it itself is one of the culprits of. Definitely, it will continues the scapegoating of migrants and refugees as stealers of jobs and services, as dregs of society who deserve to be mistreated and made into slaves if not completely expelled from Germany.

You are, however, not alone in your struggle. We have German brothers and sisters who stand by you and work with you in fighting imperialist exploitation and oppression. They too suffer from the brunt of the crisis and the repressive policies imposed by German imperialism.

You are not alone as many of your refugee and migrant brothers and sisters all over the world join you in solidarity as you hold this momentous event. We are one with you in struggle for a just, peaceful and prosperous society where families need not be broken by the urgent need to survive.

We and our families deserve better.

Down with Imperialism!

Long live the refugee and migrant movement!

Long live international solidarity!

International Migrants’ Alliance

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